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                Enterprise introduction

                   IntelliMicro Medical Co. Ltd., was registered and jointly established with California Institute of Technology, Golden Eye Bionics and its core members in the United States: Professor Mark Humayun, recipient of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation, Professor Yu-Chong Tai, Professor Robert Grubbs and several senior engineers in Changsha City,  Hunan Province, China.

                   The Company aims to promote the industrialization and marketization of the"intelligent retina". The product is first clinically tested and promoted in China, allowing blind people to see the light and benefiting humanity; building an “intelligent retina”world mass production center in China, establishing an international ophthalmology clinical research hospital and an international ophthalmology research institute; Retina product development, production, sales, training and communication are integrated into one industrial model; building a world class eye rehabilitation research and development center, new product global production and marketing center, and global ophthalmology medical exchange center; forming a highly sophisticated ecological circle of ophthalmology. Thus, Changsha China will become the world's ophthalmology capital.

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